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Only 10.9Kg at 500 Watt Power Rating. Come & Test Ride. You will be AMAZED! E-Twow has created the perfect transporter. A great ECO, Space and User Friendly Transporter. Compared to public transport, the scooter has a minimal carbon footprint. Just think: no more unburnt fuel smells in the garage. Compared to a traditional eBike, the E-Twow is lighter, smaller and smarter.
Israel designed since 2009 and known in France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, etc. Lightweight, collapsible, and versatile the Inokim Scooter is your perfect commuter companion. Perfect for wet surface road using 10” pneumatic tyres and upto 45Km on a single full charge. Use it to get from your house to the train or bus stop – and then simply collapse it and stash it under the desk at work! With front and rear brakes and a powerful 400W motor with 28Newton Meter which will suit most New Zealand hily road, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this earlier.
If you’re looking for a super lightweight scooter that can charge in just 2 hours, then the Jack Hot is the scooter for you. With enough charge to travel 30km, and enough power to tackle a 15° slope, this scooter has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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