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Micro Scooter
kids of all ages around the world are familiar with the micro® brand: millions of micro® scooters and copies-of have been sold worldwide, and they remain a bestseller.
Grit Scooters started out in Australia, then branched out to the UK and now have moved a branch to the US as well. 

Crisp Scooters was conceived from the idea of a premium quality scooter with looks to match. The Crisp production team set about searching for the best materials and craftsmanship to make the ultimate in scooter riding a reality. Crisp scooter's are now slowly expanding and are starting to be sold around the world.

Innovative, astute wheeled products suitable for all ages, Products which support children in their development and their fIrst skate and scooter experiences. Products in step with the times liberating both body and mind.


Established in Portland, Oregon in 2009, Phoenix Pro Scooters quickly set the Pacific Northwest on fire with their high end professional level scooters and scooter parts.
MADD Gear Pro (MGP)
MADD was formed back in 2002 by Mike Horne who had the vision to create an Aussie brand for Aussie kids. With Australia being known for iconic outdoor sports we are once again at the forefront with our can-do attitude which we have taken to the world. Due to a growing international fan base and fast increasing demand for MGP (Madd Gear Pro) products 2010 proved a busy year with MGP exploding into the USA, UK and European markets with sales offices and Pro Teams established to keep a finger on the pulse of international trends.
Trek. We believe in bikes.


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